3 Key Things You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Window Films After Installation

Installing films on your windows has a lot of benefits. For instance, window films enhance the privacy of your home, help improve your home's energy efficiency, protect your interior furniture or flooring from fading by reducing the sun's glare and make your home more visually pleasing, especially when you choose decorative films. However, what you do after the window films are installed will determine how effective or durable they will be.

Why Leadlight Repairs Are Best Left to a Professional

Leaded or leadlight glass refers to a glass panel that is made up of several smaller pieces of glass held together by lengths of melted lead. The glass itself may be stained, and the lead holds together the pieces that then create a picture or pattern from the various colours. The glass may also be clear, and the lead may be shaped to create peaks or triangles for added visual interest in the glass panel.

In the Dark: 3 Reasons to Tint Your Windows

With such a wide variety of options for customising and improving your home, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  Which improvements will make the biggest difference in your home for the lowest cost?  One excellent place to start, with this question in mind, is window tinting.  Of course, the exact effects and benefits you can expect will vary depending on which provider and which specific product you choose, but here are some of the advantages you can expect to look for as you shop around.

How to Choose the Best Shade Cloth Awning Fabric for Your Home

A shade cloth awning can be a very good choice for any outdoor area; over a patio or deck, it provides needed shade and added protection from wind and rain so you can enjoy your outdoor space even in inclement weather. Such an awning can also protect windows and their frames from potential water damage, and also help direct rainwater away from the home's foundation or delicate flowerbeds you have planted under the windows.

Why Double-Hung Windows for Your Home?

Getting new or replacement windows can sometimes be a challenging task basically because of the huge choice of windows available in terms of materials, colours, or even mode of operation. One type of windows is, however, becoming more popular amongst homeowners: double hung windows. Unlike their single hung counterparts, these windows have two sashes: the upper and the lower. A sash is that part of your window holding the glass. These windows offer a high sense of utility, and here are some reasons you may need them for your home.